Remember the epic scene in the movie ‘Scarface’ where Tony Montana takes out his machine gun and says, “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND” ?

Well, if you are to manage large projects with a lot of field work then FIXSYS is your ‘Little Friend’. What is fixsys? Fixsys is a field service calls and visits management system.

Why do I need it? I am already managing it in a pretty decent manner. one might say.

But in this technologically emerging world what matters the most is time and productivity. Having a large number of on field workshop and keeping an eye on their activity might not have been possible ten years ago, but now nothing is impossible. Fixsys is one of the finest field service management systems that one could get in the market these days. It helps you manage your staff in a better way as it lets you keep track of any problem and notifies you as soon as a problem arises and not only that, it also gives you the location of available employees nearby whom you can forward the details of your client who’s supposedly facing the problem.

It even helps you form a database where you can store and explore all the data regarding works completed and works pending. So instead of jolting down every single thing and making a million phone calls, fixsys helps you save time and keeps you away from the hassle. Technically speaking, fixsys entails scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, and tracking locations and job status, generating reports and invoicing, sending estimates, managing contracts, and reminders for visits and much more.

In short, it’s time for you to stop running around. Sit back, relax and have a sip of your refreshing coffee, fixsys will do the running around for you.


Following are some of the silent features

Visit Site

For Business Owners and Managers


Manage customer records


Manage engineer leaves


Route optimization, Auto Allocation , ETA including delays and travel time

Team management

Team level management and permissions


Manage contracts with reminders


Generate Estimates and Invoices


intuitively know when you are busy and when free , distribute work evenly , ensure on timely services

Performance Report

Check performance of teams & engineers

Live Tracking

Track engineers live and all travel histories


Job Inspection modules, Take pictures and client signatures

Call Center Support

Inquiry optimized search functions

For Engineers

Job rooster

Daily jobs with complete job information, history and status tree

Custom outcome

configurable outcome and stringent processes

Ease of use

Very easy to use app and light weight to run on low end devices

Works offline

Internet not needed to work all the time

Digital Compliance

Take client signatures and pictures as proof

Estimate Compliance

Generate estimates on site for Billing


Send client notification about engineers arrival and ETA

For Clients

Raise complains.

Raise complains for repairs with picture directly from app.

Manage multiple contract.

Single clients can be served with multiple contracts for different locations


Check on jobs and status.


Push notification about job status changes.

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