xPensys streamlines the expense reporting process for a smarter and more efficient workflow from transaction to Trip Management. Xpensys will manage data from employees, managers, and codes expenses for admins. Xpensys is user-friendly web and mobile application is loved by employees, managers, and admins.
xPensys is a clean software platform provides small businesses, particularly those with a high volume of monthly expense transactions with the need to streamline the storage and organization of all business documentation, with the ability to quickly enter or import and convert document images into a digital data format. Xpensys helps to oranize and categorize the data and satisfy business reporting.
Easily configure expense workflows and approvals, and ensure that all transactions are recorded for audit and transparency.
Leverage the efficiencies of a single settlement engine to manage employee reimbursements.
Ensure rapid adoption by giving your workforce a consumer-like experience on desktop and mobile.
Control your expenditures.
Simplify the approval process.
Understand where your money is going.
Decrease resistance to implementation with increased monitoring

Trip Management

Manage trip specific budgets and costs
Generate trip reports for submission

Track Your Workforce

Simply Track your employee's booked Expense location for fair idea
Simply Track your employee's booked Expense location for fair idea

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