Maintenance and Repairs: When everything you need is under your reach!

Maintenance and repairs has always been a sector wherein a lot of manpower, material and time management has played a crucial role and will always do so till the time humans are involved in the process. It is an arduous task to keep track of all the engineers working within an organization and deciding who would do what, where and how. Even if this is accomplished, the requirements cannot be completely predicted since most requirements happen at the time of the visit. Due to a lot of hassles within the job, the probability of delaying, postponing or leaving the job incomplete keeps increasing if not handled effectively. This kind of efficiency needs a team of experts and THAT is not going to be cost effective at all!

Now we aren’t living in the era of pigeons and mail-men, are we? Right! This is where technology comes in handy. With the advent of internet and smartphones, the entire scene of industries has changed. Ten years ago if you’d have told someone that you could talk to people visually too by looking at them, you’d be met with a weird stare. Enterprise mobility solutions is just another awe-inspiring product of this newly ascending technology. You can now keep track of your engineers, their routes, working schedules, attendance, hours they’ve put in and even real-time locations. They can notify you of their necessities, requirements, trips, expenses and work details to you in a flash and all through a device that fits in the space of your palm!

We as an enterprise mobility solution providers have products that can suit all your needs if you are an enterprise! Let’s find out what suits you the best…

Features that matter

Quick Job Creation

Because creating a job for the first time might be a task but repeating the entire process again and again is what we’d call ‘lagging behind’.

Easy Job Allocation

Why keep going back and forth when you can just drag and drop? After all, technology isn’t technology if it does not make your life easier.


Live Location Tracking

When in doubt why mumble? Just open ‘live-view’ and get to know the location of all your engineers even if they are idle or offline. Smart, eh?


Smart Route Optimization

In a world where even cab drivers use maps to navigate why make your engineer ask all the street-vendors for route? Let the app guide them.


Quick Reports Generation

Who likes finding all the job details and creating reports for each and everything? Not me! Neither would you. Our app sorts it all for you!

Clarity and Visibility

Information Age. Right to information. Sounds clichéd, right? But you know how much your clients value information. We make it happen for you.

Your search for solution ends here.

We bring to you


A mobile field management platform that helps manufacturers to achieve key performance for their engineers, evaluate their capacity, identify the right engineer for a job, track them live, execute tight service contracts and audit processes across their product service.