Enterprise Mobility - The Future of Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies today are battling on product innovation, speed and automation. A dynamic regulatory environment and the need to reduce managing costs are the few challenges faced by the manufacturers. The manufacturers are looking out for new ways to improve revenue and margin growth majorly on to have a control on Expenses and build an automated system to manage their workforce on Field.

Problems faced by the Manufacturing Sector

Employee Management

In an industry that is mainly based on its workforce managing so many employees individually is a nightmare!

Expense Management

There are so many day-to-day expenses within and outside that needs to be made and approved and repeated on and on!

Real-Time Insights

Tracking all your on-field employees seems impossible? Not really. Technology has moved on to a whole new level


Still using registers and log files to manage jobs and attendance? The era of telegraphs is long gone. Let’s get mobile!

Productivity and Optimization

Why waste so much energy and paper when you know how precious and important they are? Be productive, be smart.

Time Management

How would it be if all your works and employees got managed automatically with you being updated timely? #TechMagic

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We have the right solution for your problems right here:


A simplified expense management software that can manage your enterprise expenses smoothly and easily with the ability to manage, implement and execute all company and employee expense policies and even validate them with its new and powerful policy engine.


A mobile field management platform that helps manufacturers to achieve key performance for their engineers, evaluate their capacity, identify the right engineer for a job, track them live, execute tight service contracts and audit processes across their product service.