Pharmaceutical Companies

Mobility Revolution in Pharmaceuticals

With the advent of technology, the pharmaceutical industry has been one of the most volatile industries with radical changes happening in healthcare sector. Finance teams for pharmaceutical companies waste too much of their time recording and editing the business expense reports to ensure accuracy, spend-leakage and to get employees paid.

Archisys has closely observed the challenges of both small and large pharmaceutical companies to design innovative and cost effective technology solutions that would address their specific business needs. In-fact we have specific solutions for all the departments in a typical pharmaceutical company such as R&D, admin, market analytics, marketing, sales, logistics, finance, etc.


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We believe mobile technologies can transform the way organizations operate and people live. We are committed to using mobile in the most innovative, progressive and useful ways.


API integration

After employees achieve their personal goals they can jump on to the current challenges and work hard and compete even harder with other colleagues to achieve it. This surely increases employee engagement and their productivity



Once the employee completes a challenge he/she can see the trophies won and also have a detailed view of their achievement. Thus, sense of achievement is experienced and employees are motivated to work even harder.

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A simplified expense management software that can manage your enterprise expenses smoothly and easily with the ability to manage, implement and execute all company and employee expense policies and even validate them with its new and powerful policy engine.