SIHL – NSDL – eSignature

eSign is an online electronic signature service that can facilitate an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document. An Aadhaar holder can now sign a document after Biometric/One Time Password authentication thus requiring no paper-based application form or documents

SIHL – NSDL – eSignature

About the Project

SIHL wanted a Library built that can interact with NSDL eSigning Services which can be then integrated with their Backoffice and used for various requirements

Project Brief

Project Brief

We built a .Net library and a Server Application to meet the project Requirements


Features of eSign

  • Easy and secure way to digitally sign document anywhere, anytime
  • Facilitates legally valid signatures
  • Flexible and easy to implement
  • Privacy of the signer is maintained
  • Secure online service is used
  • Immediate destruction of keys after usage

Benefits of eSign

  • Promotes paperless environment
  • No hassels of key storage and key protection concerns
  • User Convenience
  • Integrity with complete Audit trail
  • Saves cost and time

Our Approach

Our Approach

We approached to built an application in such as way that it integrates with current Backoffice application , but in also works as an independent service so a micro service architecture can envisioned.



Responsible for interacting with NSDL and heavy lifting the signing and return back process.


Integrates with various application and works as a hook to implement eSigning

Service Provided



Software designing is the most important aspect of any development process. It is important to understand that how the development approach is taken does not limit itself to the current scope and it facilitates changes and enhancements while keeping business processes intact.



We provided experienced, qualified, competent, and dedicated developers, consultants, programmers, and DevOps professionals to execute, drive and deploy the solution

Technologies Used

Rabbit MQ
Postgre SQL
Google Map

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