Stockbook – A Stock Analystics Application

Stock Book is a smart companion for every investor and stock market traders. Track & analyze favorite company’s financial strength by star rating reviews and technical tools.

Stockbook – A Stock Analystics Application

About Stockbook

StockBook is is a Stock Analysis and learning app that aims to enlighten and educate people about the Stock Market and stock trading as well as give real-time updates from the market to the traders. It was one of its kind when it was launched two years ago and there were barely any models or stock learning apps before the launch of StockBook. It still has more than 50 thousand regular users and keeps giving unparalleled knowledge about trading from the market’s best traders and advisors with years of trading experience.

Solution we provided

Solution we provided

When StockBook LLP. came to us with the idea of creating a learning app for future investors we were very thrilled since we’d never been on a challenging project like it. We did not have any examples to look up to and we were to build an app from scratch.

The added advantage was that our MD, Chintan Parikh, and our .Net Practice Head, Kapil Bhavsar had over twenty years of experience in trading. So, they sat together and prioritized all the primary necessities and secondary necessities and put all their observations on a document. Since Kapil Bhavsar is also an experienced System Architect, he along with his team created a well-planned sketch for the execution of the application.

All of those combined with continuous development and testing resulted in an application that came to be loved by thousands of users.

It is still being developed every day. Development should never stop if you want to create a business that evolves every day!

Technologies Implemented

Java Script

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