Why do you require a
Stock Trading App?

More and more number of people have started trading and investing online nowadays due to easy accessibility. It is more feasible to not rent/buy an office for modern day brokers since their clients have started opting for a portable solution.


Why hire us?

Our team's mentors have been in the Stock and Currency Trading market since past 15 years and know the ins and outs of this industry. Discuss with the best and get to know the infinite possibilities that technology can offer you and your clients.

Features that can help you grow your clientele


Supports Multiple Exchanges

We not only create apps for stock trading but also for other platforms like Mutual Funds, currency trading, Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), etc.


Real-Time Market Data

Provide your clients with the latest market data from exchanges across the world and latest trading alerts/tips accordingly from your side anytime and from anywhere.


Secured and Trusted Platform

One of the major concerns of stock trading online is of security risks. We provide a safe and secure system that protects every confidential data for users to perform safe and trusted operations


User-friendly UI Design

Stand apart from your competitors with an engaging and easy to use interface that would make stock trading as interesting to use as a social media app.


Smart Notifications

Live updates and customized news on everything from scheduled events like earnings, dividends or splits in advance to pro tips and price alerts via push notifications


End of the day (EOD) charting

End of the day charting lets users predict the outcomes of different stocks, adding to their advantage. Provide your clients with easily accessible EOD charts for. every stock.


Their team sat down with us and discussed every possible outcome of our plan before beginning the project. We loved how well-equipped the team was in every way.


We got to know about Archisys via one of our friends and have never had to worry about any technical issues since then.

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