The Transition from Traditional to Digital in Field Service Management

Authored by Parth Parekh on April 26, 2019

‘We shy away from change because we doubt the unforeseen’

Most successful companies who have reached where they are right now because of digital transformation were able to do it not because they took the step, but because they planned it smartly.

What I mean is that the change has to be a step-by-step one and a lot of companies make the mistake of jumping right into complete transformation due to alluring tactics used by IT companies. This drives away the clients/customers because too much learning is required.

Take a look at WhatsApp for example. It was and still is the most widely used texting app. Yet, it never introduces too many features at once. This helps users get used to each and every feature that they offer and move ahead in loops, letting them condition themselves to use the app quickly.

This method can be well suited for Maintenance Industry too. The best way to go with any digital change is where you replace essential and laborious work with an easy going app that would smoothen the process.

This is why instead of buying an entire CRM one should opt for smaller individual software initially. This will help you ease up your employees into believing that software is understandable and adaptive. Every time you introduce a new change, they will adjust accordingly.

If you’re confused in terms of what software to go for, I’d suggest you to try out FieldX. It’s a free Field Service Management software for Enterprise level companies to make their first step towards automating their entire process.

Don’t just believe. Try it out first.

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