Canada’s top mobile app development company shares an insight into the emerging mobile app market

Authored by Parth Parekh on March 18, 2020


The world you are living in is no longer accessible from computers nowadays. As a matter of fact, data researching company ‘StatCounter’ recently published statistics claiming that in the last one year alone from Canada large chunk of Desktop/Computer user is estimated 53.45% while 37.61% users prefer using their smartphone to connect with the world. By 2022 It projected that smartphone will surely surpass the desktop computers which means if your main source of customers is from the website then you should seriously consider switching it to the mobile app.


Mobile application – every time we are asked to name a mobile app we end up thinking about Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Amazon, and other popular ones that have become our day-to-day companion. But have you ever imagined what it would have been like for them when they were developing this app back when the global market wasn’t ready for application accessible from a smartphone? I mean no one ever would have thought that by applying a simple filter to your ordinary pictures or posting random stuff on your social circle or by replacing the old SMS with digital messages would make them tech giants and billionaire and place them into a league of NO ONE CAN BEAT US.


Some of the Mindblowing Facts that you should’ve known:

        • WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users from 180 countries
        • As per Forbes during May-July 2018, a total of 85 billion hours were spent on WhatsApp.
        • 5 billion game downloads were made in India in 2018, 4.5 billion in the US
      • 90% of iOS App Store apps are free, as are 95% of Google Play Store apps
      • 120 billion hours are spent on mobile games annually
      • Canadians spend an average of at least $2,500 CAD annually on mobile apps, according to new research from PayPal
      • Global average daily social media app usage stands at 2 hours 16 minutes
      • Nearly 83% of Canadian uses mobile apps like uber eats and foodora for food and meal delivery
      • 74% of men and 84% woman dependant on taxi and rideshare booking app in Canada
      • 32% of men use a task-based app such as a house cleaning service compared to woman 20%
      • Half of Canadians 48% use mobile apps for parking such as Green P, EasyPark, etc.


The above fact is just one side of the coin. Many of us undermine that mobile application needs fancy names, jazzy designs, celebrity endorsement, and a little bit concept, and bingo! We have knocked the door of the unique league of NO ONE CAN BEAT US. But that’s not how it works and as a layman, we really don’t need to get into that discussion. What if I have to develop applications and want to know the parameters or standard practices of how a mobile app should be built?


You will find a lot of useful pointers, to begin with, and evolve your business idea in the blog that I’m sharing below

Things to take care of when you are creating an app for your business


By reading the above article I hope your doubts regarding creating a mobile app are pretty much settled. Now let’s talk about the most important part of any application Development; yes you heard it right many of us always thought that development is an ordinary phase of mobile app like other but ‘Poor Planning of An App Development may end up with the disaster’; like it or not that’s the reality check. There’s lot of Mobile app development companies out there and frankly, it is hard to find the best mobile apps developers in the world.


We at archisys are habituated with the practice of Design thinking in every stage of development. If there’s some requirement through which we can aim to solve a layman’s problem then therein we have to go with the Design Thinking process. It’s simply more effective than most other methodologies because of its humane process that keeps the end-user at the center of the problem-solving process while creating anything. In fact, although it originated from designers and design schools, it can be applied to almost all the major areas that deal with or involve humans.


There’s no rule or definite pattern when it comes to design thinking. But in order to introduce this process to beginners for them to understand and learn it, the whole concept can be boiled down to five basic actions i.e. to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. This is not at all a linear process and will have to be followed up until you meet the desired result (do not panic, it’s not even half as hard as it seems). Just as you can see, ‘empathy’ is what marks the beginning of this process. What’s more powerful than the bond formed through empathy!


Funding! Every startup or beginner keeps ignoring one of the primary sources that can keep them going is ‘Funding’. For a startup funding is also the trickiest part since the ones funding their project clearly expect the same value in return. ROI can be an apathetic companion to a startup figuring out ways in which they can carve a niche for something new. I know I might sound insensitive but ‘You can not escape darkness by closing your eyes’. There’s a segment of people out there who work for money alone and why can’t they? They have bills to pay, employees on the payroll. So, you have to be very clear about the expenditure.

Archisys specially designed a resource segment to come over to all your problems just like other startups do have.



One Solution for all your pains – Dedicated Resource Model

A cost-efficient development model wherein you hire developers who would dedicate their time and skill for your IT development project up until the completion of their roles. With an array of technical artists like design thinkers, UX designers, scrum masters, empathy officers, developers, practice heads, and DevOps engineers, we will handle all the technical necessities of your business from its ideation to its launch and maintenance as well.

After all, why hire a cook when you can order your food? Read more about HDD



We at Archisys care about our clients. We care about their businesses. And we care about their success.

As a result, our team has always been dedicated to ensuring that they get the results they need. After all, our mission is to create technology keeping in mind the human that actually uses the product.


Thanks to our hard work, and our fantastic clients, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been listed among the best mobile app development companies in Toronto on Clutch! Although our Canadian team was recognized for this award, we also have teammates and are available for hire in India, the USA, and the UK.


Archisys always helps startup from idea to implementation, from development to deployment. we let you focus on your business while we back you with the technical front.


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