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Vegetos is a grocery delivery application owned and operated by an Ahmedabad based fruits and vegetable packing industry, Prakruti. They had been selling fruits and vegetables for a long time and had a reputation of their own for the freshness of their items. They wanted to scale their business by building an app that would help them reach their customers in a faster and better way while managing their stocks and inventory efficiently at the same time.

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They were almost non-existent technologically. So the first part was to digitize everything for them. This meant that we were not only to design an app for their customers but also create a backend system that would manage all their inventory and employees as well. They had offline stores too. So, we were to create a manageable system that would also accommodate employees branch-wise as well as role-wise.

Once the backend system was done, we had to focus on ways in which we were to create an app that would raise the bar when it came to user experience compared to the existing apps in the market. Also, since they had offline stores, we had to make it intuitive enough that customers could purchase products by simply scanning and adding the quantities of the items that they wanted to buy during the checkout.

With continuous planning, integration and a few minor roadblocks due to certain business changes and logical interpretations, we were able to deliver a commendable app for their business.

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“We are quite happy with the services provided by Archisys. They have always helped us to get our website and app in place and created our admin system the way we needed it to be.”

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