Where and How to Find Expert Android Development Team?

Authored by chintan on March 20, 2020

The market share of the Android OS is more than 80% already. Combined with regular updates and improvements it is the first choice of people considering mobile app development for business purposes.

In case you have an idea of a mobile solution, but you don’t know where to find the app developers to bring it to life and wonder how to choose real experts, our article is for you.

Revenue of Android vs Other Apps



According to Statista, the world’s mobile population exceeded 4 billion unique users in April 2019 already and almost 50% of global web page views are from mobiles. The majority of such traffic is generated by mobile apps. As of the 3rd quarter of 2019, there were 2.47 million apps offered in Google Play and 1.8 million in Apple’s App Store.

Where can I find expert Android developers?

The modern market of android programmers for hire is huge. To pinpoint the right specialist you should be accurate and careful in your choice. It will help you to avoid failures during software crafting and get a state of the art product.

    1. Know the Challenges Developers Face
      In fact, to learn HTML and JavaScript to create a basic Android application is well within reach of most people interested in code writing. However, crack specialists are aware of multiple challenges emerging on the way to a really secure and user-friendly product. So the experts in mobile development should also perform:

      • User interface testing,
      • Security ensuring,
      • Monetization options integration.
      • Speeding Android emulator up,
      • Finding out the context in Android,

      In case you run the interview with a potential developer, do not hesitate to ask him questions about the challenges he has faced and the ways he has solved them. Wonder how he would cope with some of the challenges mentioned above.

    1. Know what gets them excited about the work

      I guess every person passionate about their work would be glad to get their hands dirty if it helps them create new things. Android experts often get excited about new technologies.

      The modern specialist may like to craft Android apps for completely new products, for new and developing markets, using the innovations in the Android Stack.

      Find out the things a specialist tackles and the challenges they have met and you will figure out the value they can add to your product.

    1. Outline your requirements
      Since contemporary mobile products are pretty varied, it’s essential to define all the requirements clearly and in detail from the very beginning. Firstly, you need to hire app developers, who specialize in certain technology and have experience in particular trending environments:

      • audio or video streaming,
      • AR or VR,
      • exterior IoT hardware,
      • security aspects,
      • communication with backend,
      • exceptional designs and
      • meaningful micro-interactions implementation, etc.
  1. Ask for a portfolio

    Some developers like to boast the amount of applications they’ve worked on, however, the quality of the software crafted is what really matters. So, ask your candidate about their portfolio and the products available on the Google Play Store they created. Study the solutions carefully, estimate the size and functionality they have, releases existing, number of downloads, users’ feedback, and stability.

    In such a way you can not only understand your candidates better but see the scale of the accomplished projects and consequently the level of proficiency and the competences they have.

Find a Technology Partner, not just a Coder

The best way to identify the most suitable mobile application development company for your app project- its services should not be limited to Android app development. Yes, the company should be capable of embracing the technological advancements to make the next-gen app with enterprise-grade features.

In other words, the company you select should not just be a team of developers, but your perfect technology partner that can give advanced business solutions for addressing the complexities. For example, a few app development services providers also offer the integration of VR and AR technologies in the tailored business application.

What to look for in an expert Android developer?

There are some important aspects to take into consideration independently of the way of cooperation you decide on.



In the specialist you involve, you should look for:

    1. Technical proficiency
      Nowadays Java and Kotlin programming languages are at the heart of Android solutions coding, so the knowledge of these languages is a must.
    1. Design talents
      At present, the User Interface (UI) and Experience (UX) are to a great extent responsible for the software product triumph or fiasco, so the understanding of design principles and basic intuitions/skills are important for the modern developer.
    1. Communication and collaborative skills
      A specialist working on a software solution has to be in contact with technical and non-technical staff. That’s why they must be at ease in dealing with both categories. Besides, they have to understand the app guidelines and requirements in the right way and cooperate efficiently with their team members. It’s impossible without proper communication skills.
  1. Critical thinking and problem-solving approach

    These key skills facilitate crafting clean and sustainable code and help to recognize difficulties and troubleshoot them at a due time.

    In case you look for the expert with the above-mentioned criteria in mind you are almost sure to get a feature-rich, leading-edge and powerful mobile solution in the end.

Why is hiring a dedicated android development team from Archisys the best choice for you?

Strict NDA Terms
Do not worry about the security of your ideas when you are working with us. Everything is strictly confidential.
Individuals and Teams
Our developers have worked on this field for years and can mix with your team as well as lead one for you.

Expansion and Management

Scale your team by hiring our developers to work along with yours. Hire agile project managers, architects, and leads.

Quality Assurance

Our iOS developers are regularly trained in worklogs, patterns, and agile processes such as user stories, tasks, and worklogs.

Flexible Hiring Models

If you think our model isn’t flexible then you’re wrong. Scale up or scale down your requirements whenever required.

Security and IP Protection

We make sure that your IP always stays protected from malicious attacks capable of taking websites down.

One Solution for all your pains – Dedicated Resource Model

A cost-efficient development model wherein you hire developers who would dedicate their time and skill for your IT development project up until the completion of their roles. With an array of technical artists like design thinkers, UX designers, scrum masters, empathy officers, developers, practice heads, and DevOps engineers, we will handle all the technical necessities of your business from its ideation to its launch and maintenance as well.

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To get a successful mobile app, it’s critical to choose the right developer. Now you have all the necessary knowledge and algorithms for that, just set your aims and requirements right, take the budget and cooperation options available into consideration and evaluate the tech expertise and skills of the potential candidates. Hire only the best fit for you without compromising.

Remember that going for a cheap option may become quite a thorny way and contracting a team, like Archisys, with a proper background and expertise behind their back can result in a state-of-the-art custom app with out of the box solutions.

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