Understanding Archisys Through Three Wise ‘W’s: Who, What, and Why

Authored by chintan on October 8, 2020

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface but always paddling like the dickens underneath.” – Michael Caine

Who Are We?

Archisys as a company had always worked without making too much noise about the impacts we’d created. In fact, for almost 10 years the company had only relied on the ‘word of mouth’ way of marketing. Most of our clients (or partners, as we like to call them) have either been our previous clients or been referred by our past clients.

It is only this year that we decided to talk about the things that are going on and the things we do because it has become necessary to create technological awareness among people.

Archisys as a company began with an aim to digitize the smallest of processes to make businesses more efficient and smooth. While major organizations were trying to reap benefits from the exclusivity of technology, we were busy making applications and solutions that were inclusive to all.

We called ourselves a web and mobile app development company but we weren’t building websites or cloning mobile applications out of the hat in order to meet the demand. We were definitely not minting money because of our firm decision to not take up projects that had nothing disruptive in them. There’s a reason behind us not doing it as well!

In the past 10 years, most companies that rose through their ranks to become global market leaders were mostly technology-based companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, etc. This has not only been the trend globally but within countries as well. But what came after that was a swarm of other technology-based businesses that were mostly focused on cloning or copying the existing successful business models.

Not everyone becomes successful like Ray Croc did, by perfecting the system to the grind. At least not in this decade. It’s because even the most successful companies are constantly evolving through continuous development and agile principles in order to provide something new and catchy to their customers.

Meanwhile, imitating the business models of successful companies just to make money while the opportunity is hot is not a good business tactic. The idea lacks ethics and we condone that as well. There’s a difference between filling the gap found in the business and exploiting it. We have always stood with the former.

With recent changes in the way we present ourselves and our frequent blogging, we aim to put forth something more than just solutions and this is why we are breaking down our entire story in this article in order to provide as much clarity we can about ourselves and our intentions.

What is Archisys doing in 2020?

2020 has been the hardest-hitting year in every way for the world since the past 4 decades as we have barely seen deaths in such large numbers post world war 2. It has also been a year of great realization that the farther we move from technology, the harder it gets to survive; both biologically as well as economically.

Redefining Technology

While Information and technology are on demand and on the rise, a lot of businesses seem to have confused technology with glossy software and packages. Seldom do people realize that technology isn’t synonymous with gadgets and devices. It is in fact a way of advancing by making things simple by either implementing new ideas or by refining the old ones. 

Archisys has been on the quest to make businesses realize that by imitating their competitors they are only killing their own processes. You do not become the world’s largest eCommerce platform by making an app like Amazon. The secret’s in the goal and the idea that’s driving these tech-based giants.

Archisys helps you frame your business idea and then decides how to and where to implement technology on the basis of your business model. By implementing technology we mean, understand each and every part of your process, and make sure that you do not have to spend time, people, money, or energy in doing things that can be automated or simplified with the expertise we that we have gained in all these years.

Redefining Archisys: Technology Consultants; not Software Developers

We have for long been tagged as software developers and had barely objected to the tag that we were given as long as we were let in. This was because for a long time businesses were resilient towards accepting the change that technology could have brought into their business just because they felt that it was either not needed or because their competitors were not doing it either.

The pandemic has changed the world in not only the way it works but the way it looks at things as well. That’s why it has become more than important for us to explain to businesses what Archisys can do for them. Let me make it simple for you!

Do we develop software applications? Yes. Are we software developers? No. Confused? Good.

If you are confused it is because you are focusing on the things we have provided rather than focusing on why and how we ended up providing it in the first place. The software implementation we provide happens not because you want it but because your business needs it. We as a company are focused on providing what your business needs/require rather than what you want.

This is why we are better suited to be called Technology Consultants and partners rather than software developers. We use design thinking and agile methodology to identify your needs, problems, and gaps and provide technical solutions that can solve them permanently without affecting your business.

You will get better clarity of things in the next point.

Our Target

Our target isn’t the way you do your business. It is your customers. It’s the 21st Century and the customers as well as clients are quite used to them being asked what they want and being given a choice. 

What smart businesses do is not to provide the customers with what they want but with what they definitely need based on their behavior and necessity. We not only help in getting you a customer-centric solution but also with a convincing story to tell that is well conveyed through the user experience.

Since we have years of expertise in both the eCommerce industry and pharma industry, we have created a B2B eCommerce solution that can be applied to all kinds of online businesses including mobile commerce and on-demand businesses and the pharma industry’s B2B needs.

So, is Archisys all about B2B? No.

We serve as technological partners to enterprise and retail eCommerce businesses irrespective of their customers i.e. B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and C2C from any and every industry. 

Why is Archisys dedicated to disruption and innovation?

Humans are quite shy when it comes to embracing change. That’s because most of us are scared of the unknown. It has always been the select few, risk-takers who have always made it a point to make new things the norm by exploring as well as adapting them. But when it comes to technology, understanding the term in itself becomes so complicated at times due to the constant use of buzz words like digital transformation.

Digital transformation

Implementing what your competitors are implementing within your business is not digital transformation, it’s still simply called as an imitation. To truly transform your business digitally means to disrupt the very working of your business model. This might end up making you throw most of your old processes and plans right out of the window.

What we truly mean by digital transformation is to help you in creating a digital ecosystem for your business that is more focused on creating long-term impacts rather than short-term ones. This can only happen by focusing on four primary things:

The ability to convert time into value

The customer needs were already pacing up before the onset of the pandemic. The COVID-19 fuelled the need tenfold to an extent that even giants are trying to keep up with the demand. 

Hence, it is quite necessary for businesses to provide value to their before time runs out. We help businesses in accelerating their ideas into working models for their customers to reap the benefits when needed.

The ability to reorient the business

THe back-office becomes the backbone of any business when operational. A lot of customer grievances are centered around the poor manageability of the back-office rather than problems in products. 

Our finesses lies in helping the backoffice with as much problem solving solutions as possible. 

The ability to create traction

The solution that you are looking for can only be found within customers. Nobody ever created an empire first and then invited people to live in. If they did, they failed.

A ‘readymade’ solution is a myth. It means that the problem is readymade as well and exists commonly for a lot of companies. If the problem is that common then the existence of the problem is in itself a questionable thing. In that case, the process is flawed enough to create a common problem and hence, should be changed or altered.

We eliminate those common problems and find ways in which your customers let you know what needs to be worked on for their ease and keep working on it with spontaneity through continuous development and deployment. 

The ability to quantify the value

How do you know that the value being provided to your customers is of use or not? By looking at the ROI. If they value it, they will choose you. If they choose you then they will do business with you ad build that trust as long as the value is provided in the same fashion. 

It becomes our job to make sure that your business identifies what’s of value to your customers and keep on improving things for you!

Our Blog

Our blog’s tagline in itself defines why we write what we write: WE WRITE; WE EXPLORE.

Archisys publishes articles with the aim to create awareness and a space for a dialogic discussion where technology enthusiasts and customers who come with an intention of getting to know all the fancy terms in a better way. 

It also is a way of making business aware of how different technological aspects like IoT, testing, AI, ML, etc can be of great help to them and their customers even in times of the pandemic. Our words aren’t to educate but to illustrate the effects of technology in this world including this very article that you finished reading.

Thank you for reading this. Your efforts are much appreciated. Wish you a great day!

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