Why the tendency of Hiring Dedicated iPhone developers is trending these days?

Authored by Parth Parekh on December 28, 2019


We are heading towards a culture where we hire temporary resources to solve our pains and once we are done with it, we release the resources. This method has been really working for the non-IT business for quite some time but now development companies are adopting this method for serving the clients effectively and raising their standards in order to stand out in the market.

When it comes to developing applications for iPhone or iPad as a layman what are the options that you normally intend to choose? Hire professional IT companies or IT consultants who can work on your app? These are very obvious and standard practices of approach but now the time is changing and you should consider the Hire Dedicated Developer (HDD) method for developing your next iPhone or iPad applications.

If you compare Android vs. iOS mobile app development then large numbers of development companies are targeting android applications globally because the statistics claim that the highest number of smartphone users are android-based but it’s not the concluding statement here. If you look at urban and semi-urban areas, the demographic location states that the majority of users prefer iOS over Android due to various reasons including privacy and safety.


worldwide mobile app revenue

According to a survey report by DISTIMO in the US itself, the Development companies generated maximum revenue through iPhone and iPad only. This stats means that those who want to create an app only for high paying mobile owners who can spend money to get quality service from their iPhone.

One more Research group called ‘Yankee Group Research’ surveyed that 16% of mobile users shopped from apple devices compared to the 9% from android.

Boost sales and revenue

According to research statistics, the global revenue earned with just mobile apps crossed $68.5 billion by the end of 2019 and it rapidly growing day by day. It clearly shows us the true power/potential of mobile purchasing which your business needs right away as well as about the benefits that can be reaped by utilizing advertisements and acquiring sponsorships within your app.  Consumers want to avoid the hassle of purchasing products separately when they can access the entire thing within the app.

Now let’s address the mountain: Why you should hire a Dedicated iPhone App Developer for your App?

Let’s gather the facts. What do you have for options? Can you completely outsource the app or do you need to hire a professional team or individual to design and develop your mobile app? Here’s what you need to know about your hiring options:

> Hire an app developer you can find locally
> Find a developer partner for your business
> Outsource

You may have a Unique and excellent application idea to get started with, or you may need someone to guide you from starting line to finishing line of the race. To pick the right hiring option, it is imperative that you understand your business requirements well.

There are thousands and tons of professional app developers available both at a cheap and expensive range. However, outsourcing is a valid option only if you have some trustworthy leads that you can rely on.

To help you make a choice, here are three critical factors that you should never forget:

Educate yourself with the basics

You should know the basics of mobile apps and the programming languages used in it not technically but you should be aware of it. Research about the different platforms and choose the most viable and suitable for your application. Understand the rates and compare them to estimate the cost of hiring an app developer. The more understanding you have regarding the subject, the better the professional quality you will be able to employ.

Learn from Previous experience

You wouldn’t opt for a new doctor without any experience to carry out surgery, will you? Similarly, you need to look for an experienced professional in the field who knows what he is doing. You don’t want to drag this simple process by hiring an inexperienced and incapable person who ended with more burden on your back.

Behave like a team member

Look for someone who’s passionate about their work and know how they can help you in your business. A reliable individual will appreciate the communication and will be comfortable with suggestions, ideas, and feedback. The idea is to develop a relationship so you can move forward with your ideas about the final product together.

Tips for Hiring a Dedicated iPhone/iPad Developer

Whether you are looking for dedicated developers for an Android or iOS application or both, you cannot rely on one person but a team or a development company to deliver you customized, high quality, and scalable app.

Here are a few handy tips to help you hire the right person for the right role to do your crucial job.


You cannot ignore the people you are hiring and they should possess the expertise and knowledge in developing iPhone/iPad applications. You will be at peace knowing that a team of experts is handling your project.


The team or individual that is working on your project will have completely concentrated on it in the given period. It allows you to pay attention to other important things like crafting a strategy, app branding & promotion, funding & investment, next plan of actions, etc. and the final launch of the app.


It is advisable to discuss your app with Dedicated app developers and have a fruitful discussion regarding scope through this exercise you got so many input valuable inputs and know where to work on improvement.

Pro Trick and Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes While Hiring a Dedicated App Developer

> Don’t forget to lock and assign a budget for the plan so you won’t go far

> Consider cost as a major factor

> Don’t hire someone not familiar with your business

> Don’t compromise on deadlines and time frame

> Cheaper isn’t always better; compare your options

> Consider both pre-launch and post-launch stage

> Consider the prior experience of potential candidates


Working with the dedicated app developer or individuals is really an effective way to hire the best workforce for your app development with minimal risk. The idea is to stick to experts and specialists with unique expertise to keep every stage of app development.

So take your time and identify your requirements to decide the type of app developing skills you will need for achieving desirable results.

We hope you find this material useful and it answers all the questions you had in your mind about hiring a dedicated app developer for your business.

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