Why Partnering with IT Resource Providers is Beneficial for Businesses & Startups?

Authored by Parth Parekh on February 13, 2020

The evolving nature of our highly digital & technological society poses a number of challenges on the small businesses and startups that are trying to kick off or are already present in our market. No matter which field, a business belongs to, the integration of technology has become essential. This can be in the form an application or a website, through which the startup offers its services.

Although these apps or websites are only a small extension of the core idea, these can end up taking a lot of time, so much so that they can distract you from focusing on your main idea. This has happened to many startups in the recent years i.e. the technical part of their idea, with all its complexities was so much time consuming and difficult to implement that it drove the startup to ground.

In such a situation, while hiring a large team to develop and maintain the technical aspect of your startup might seem like the only way to overcome this problem, there are a number of ways present in the market and partnering up with a resource provider like ourselves is one of them.

When you subscribe to us, you sign up to an array of services that we specialize in, this includes web developers, project managers, designers, agile practitioners and many more. In short we really take care of the technical aspect of your startup, from its ideation, MVP creation, and testing, to the actual productization.

Partnering up with our company has a number of advantages over hiring a large team and keeping it around for a long time;

Control and Reduce Labor Costs:

One of the biggest benefits of a subscription based resource is that it helps convert fixed costs into variable costs thus giving you a lot of freedom to budget effectively i.e. you only pay for the resources that you need and only when you need it. Apart from that, hiring expert IT & project teams and keeping them for a longer period of time can prove extremely expensive. If you chose to go the other way that is hiring an entry-level IT & project team and training them later, those training can also be very expensive and there is no guarantee that it’ll train your staff up to your expectations.

Choosing the right person for the job:

If you’re a business owner or a CEO of a startup, it doesn’t automatically mean you understand all the technical needs of your business or the resource you need to hire. If you are unaware of what resources you need how are you going to hire the right person for the job? Our range of highly qualified and certified IT experts & support staff will first help you identify your technical needs and then help you choose the right expertise from our resources.

Increases Efficiency and Competitiveness:

If an organization tries to do everything by themselves, it can result into having much higher research, development and implementation time, all of which results into increased costs and ends up making your product more expensive than your competitor. So a subscription-based model can help you develop the technical part of your product in time, all while keeping the costs extremely low.

Staying focused on your core business:

Most small businesses and startups have limited resources and that includes limited time as well. Whether you’re a CEO or a manager, you only have enough time to focus on your core product, having to worry about the technical side of your product or something like an app/website can take your focus off of your core product, thus effecting its quality. We help you take care of all your technical needs while you sit back, relax and take care of your core business.

Implementing New Technology:

Whether it is updating your current systems to a more advanced one or making updates on your app let’s say for a newer version of mobile OS, an in house IT team might not stay up to date with the changing technology. Partnering with us gives you access to experts who are constantly up to date with the modern technology that too on our expense, you only pay for the task at hand and let us worry about their training.

So if you’re a small business or a startup trying to disrupt the market but are worried about the technical aspect of your product, look no further because we have got you covered with our subscription-based resource providing services.

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