Redefine ‘Business’ in Business Trips

Trip management is not just about requesting trips and getting them approved.It’s about cutting down the process and making it simple enough to save time so that employees can actually focus on finishing their business. Push your boundaries with Xpensys.Now faster, fresher and fiercer.

Manage trips, not time.

Creating and getting trips approved takes only seconds now. Create – get notified. Approve – get notified. Delete – get notified.Reject – get notified. Stay updated every time with Xpensys.

Expense Management
expense reimbursement

Nothing happens without ‘Reason’

Request trips with all the required details and by stating reason for trip. Give reason for rejecting trips too. With Xpensys, transparency won’t just be a word but your foundation.

Manage trips, not time.

Track your employees and where they enter their expenses from. We believe that, trust is the foundation of any relationship. We help make it stronger.

expense management software
expense management app

Extend trips when necessary

Business is the most important word in ‘Business Trips’. With Xpensys, you get to decide what goes on, how and when. Extend dates directly without creating a new one.

Business beyond borders – ‘Multicurrency’

Travel anywhere in the world without any worries. With Xpensys, you can enter expenses in any currency across the globe.

expense management software

THE Expense ‘Manager’

Xpensys is not just your expense manager but also your company’s accountant, financial planner and caretaker. Why wait? Automate your company’s expense management today!

Why create? Add expenses directly.

Add your everyday expenses directly from within your trips now. Make each and every of your second count with ‘Xpensys’.

Expense Management
expense reimbursement

Digitize your bills. Stay ‘carefree’

Stop collecting bills! Click their pictures on your phone and attach whenever you need to. Now attach images, docs and audios too.

Assign ‘Per Diem’ rates

Assign your company’s per diem rates for all your employees. Set unique allowances for each expense so your employees don't spend beyond the allowed limit.

expense management app

Instant ‘approvals’ = Instant reimbursements

Constant and detailed updates will make sure that the approval process never gets delayed, making reimbursements faster. Worrying about reports? We’ve got that too. A solution isn’t a solution if it’s incomplete!

‘Audit’? Double check.

Audit your company’s entire expenses in a few minutes with Xpensys’ ‘Audit-based payment’ system. Xpensys is A-okay!

expense management software
expense management software

Settle payments with Xpensys ‘Balance’.

Reimburse directly with Xpensys’ ‘Settlement-based payment’ system. Now you can pay money to your employees in advance without any hassle with Xpensys’ exclusive feature - ‘current balance’.

Policy Engine – The heart of your app

Let’s take a look at the heart of your travel-expense management app. The sheer power of this beast is what keeps Xpensys going, helping you to function with precision and proficiency.

Multiple Policy management

Add as many expense and trip policies as you wish to and for employees individually or even according to their grades.

Expense Management
expense reimbursement

Automated Policy Validation

With an intelligent policy engine that self-validates and notifies employees of policy violations in real-time, expense reimbursement processes get quicker using Xpensys.

Managing multinational Policies

Deploy multiple policies according to business needs, local culture or common practice and a variety of approval workflows across business entities with Xpensys.

expense management app
expense management software

Managing management hierarchy

Create and execute company’s management hierarchy. Decide who approves whom and what happens in their absence and much more with the powerful policy engine that Xpensys has. Vroom…

‘Mobility’ means Invincibility

Wield the power of ‘mobility’ and control your company’s employees and expenses from anywhere at any time. Your smartphone is not just a phone anymore, it’s your office.

Set your company up in seconds!

Download the app and register directly from your device. Tada! Your company is ready. Start using the app right away!

Expense Management
expense reimbursement

Add employees. Assign roles.

Add your employees directly from your phone using your phone’s contacts and assign them roles directly. Remember, with Xpensys there’s no stopping you.

Powered with ‘Push notifications’

Get notified super-soon with everything you need to know; for trips and expenses – submitted, accepted or rejected.

expense management app
expense management software

Say no to delays with Xpensys’ ‘Reminder’.

Xpensys knows how hectic your day can be and hence it reminds you of any remaining expenses or trips that need to be approved. Smart, Eh?

Make notes with ‘Work Log’

Xpensys brings to you - ‘work log’ for your everyday expenses. Now you can enter all your personal notes within your mobile app.

Expense Management

Did you think that was all? No.

We believe in revolutionizing every industry with the help of technology and what better way than helping industries take baby steps! Know what more Xpensys can offer you.

Handle ‘Multiple Branches’

Do you manage an organization with wings spread across the country or globe? No issues. Manage all your branches easily now with Xpensys, your expense management buddy.

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expense management app

Know-It-All KPI Widgets

Xpensys is powered with KPIs in the form of cool widgets that provides you with analytical and comparative information about trips and expenses of every month. Stay updated with a glance!

Attachments for every expense head

Took four cabs? Filled fuel twice? That’s okay. Now you can click and upload multiple bills within each expense head. Just fill in the total amount and be done with it. Simple is savvy.

expense management software