Your App has the power to save lives from Coronavirus

Authored by Chitral Jain on April 11, 2020

Every day when I switch on the news, the number on the bottom left keeps increasing rapidly. It sends shivers down my spine to know that these numbers aren’t just numbers but people; people who are suffering, people who have recovered and mostly, people who have died. 


When I come to think of numbers, it’s never just a number. A number is always a representation of something. How do you know that the market is bullish? Numbers. How do you know that the economy is crashing? Numbers. How can I secure my future? Numbers (in my account). How good am I at studies? Numbers. How long will it take for me to recover from disease? Numbers.  The world is run by numbers. They have the ability to play with our emotions as well as our lives.


If you are concerned about the number of people affected by coronavirus pandemic, the numbers on the news simply state the ones suffering from the illness. The actual number of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is much more than that.


While we are cribbing about having to work from home or about sitting at home idly with a cup of ‘dalgona’ coffee in one hand and the tv remote in another, there are millions of people who do not have access to daily meals, sanitisers or even electricity because they do not have money to pay for the electricity.


Now we cannot help everyone in this world because we aren’t ‘GOD’; we can at least step up to help the ones we can. Sure, the government is doing their best to help everyone during times like these. But we can definitely lend our hand in helping them make the best of social distancing in order to free ourselves from the clutches of this pandemic.


No, social distancing isn’t a limitation at all. If empowered with technology, social distancing can be dealt with easily. We have all been hearing for a decade that technology has created more gaps between people than bringing us closer. What it actually means is that we are physically distant and not socially. The current situation asks us to be physically distant and not socially. We have started talking to people we hadn’t talked to in ages! Has it brought us closer? Yes.


So, thank technology and say, 



Major governments have announced lock-down in order to curb the spread of the pandemic and this has lead to the rise in hardships for everyone in buying daily necessities and essential items like groceries and medicines since wholesale delivery of everything has been stopped. 


Countries like India have asked their citizens to not form groups at grocery shops. Due to this people have to wait two to three hours, maintaining ample distance, bearing the scorching heat.

Major grocery delivery apps are unable to deliver groceries at doorsteps due to restrictions imposed by the government on transportation.


But imagine if people had an app that could connect them to the nearby grocery stores to book necessary items on a timeslot basis where the stores can let them know when to go and pick up their items in a contactless and cashless way! 


This could not only benefit the people but the grocery people as well since this can increase the efficiency of their sales and save a lot of time and hassle for both the parties. 


If you have funds enough to work on this or at least gather funds to get an app like this made for your people then it would help thousands of them. 


We are always ready to help humanity when the need arises. When you work with us, you will know why our motto says, “We code because we care.”


We hope you do too!

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